• How to Reach More People on Twitter

    RETWEET-AThe thing about Twitter is that when you tweet you can only be guaranteed of reaching your followers. But if you want to reach more people on Twitter then you need somebody else to retweet your message. Unlike Google plus which allows you to send a message not only to your circle of friends but their circle of friends as well, Twitter will only send to your followers.

    So, how do you reach a larger audience on Twitter?  Well, you could ask your followers to kindly retweet your message via a hashtag (#retweet or simply #RT), but that can get old for everyone, especially your followers.

    Below I’ve listed the ways in which people can have their Tweets retweeted with some certainty.

    Some of the Usual Methods

    People that are famous or have developed an authority status for themselves have built up an active following, especially if they regularly engaging their followers, who may choose to make a practice of retweeting.  In addition, some Twitter users have an unspoken agreement between their friends in which they will retweet each others’ Tweets.

    If you’re not yet famous or an authority figure, plus you have not made a few friends on Twitter, then you may want to consider the two methods listed below.

    The Official Method

    One way which you can way reach more people on Twitter is to create an ad campaign in the Twitter Ads section of Twitter, which would allow you to target a specific audience (by gender, language, interests, mobile device, etc).  This method is, of course, officially approved by Twitter.  In this case, you would use the Twitter ad type called Promoted Tweets, as opposed to Promoted Trends or Promoted Accounts.   The message that you post will be known as a Promoted Tweet.  The difference between a normal Tweet and Promoted Tweet is that you pay for your Promoted Tweet to be shown to your targeted audience, whenever and however they are on Twitter.

    The amount that you pay for this service is established in an auction-format, using a Cost-per-Engagement (CPE) model.  a Twitter Promoted TweetYou pay only when someone “engages” your Promoted Tweet, such as retweeting it.  The approximate cost range is between 50 cents and $5 per engagement, depending on the competition and the audience variables that you’ve chosen for the campaign.

    An Unofficial Method

    Another method to send your message to more people is to use a social media exchange, or in this case, a Tweet exchange.  They are not usually, if ever, endorsed or wanted by Twitter, since it cuts into their own business.  The social media exchanges are free, in which you can earn credits by retweeting or following other Twitter users.  However, you can buy extra credits in order to have your Tweets potentially retweeted by even more people.  In order for others to know what Tweet to retweet, you would add your specific Tweet link to your exchange dashboard.  Each exchange is a little different, but the general principle is the same.  The amount of retweets depends mostly on the number of users on the exchange that are actively retweeting while your “retweet request” is being displayed on the exchange.  You can change or remove any of your Tweets that you have listed at any time.

    A couple sites which I’m familiar are Like4like.org and LikesTool.com.  Like4like seems like the more active site currently.  LikesTool is probably the most easy to understand and use.  Both sites include other social media options as well.


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