List of Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

List of Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

This is the largest maintained list of current Google Adsense revenue sharing Sites


Originally Published: March 29 2007

Updated: May 10 2015

Revenue sharing for extra income


By taking part in the Google Adsense Revenue Sharing communities and websites, you have a great way to earn extra income. Often the Adsense revenue shared is between 50 and 100 percent for the content that you add to the specific site. This content could be in the form of a forum thread that you start, an article, a video or picture, a blog, or other types of content.  If you spread your efforts across different sites, you could make some decent income.  It is also an effective way of generating income for your own site by giving the visitors an incentive to contribute and keep returning.  Besides, its always important for those of us trying to earn extra income to take part in the communities that are part of our target market.

First though, you need to sign up for Google Adsense.

Also, the vast majority of the sites pay via PayPal, so you will want to sign up for this as well.

*If a site has an unknown percent of earning, then I suggest that you proceed with caution for that site.


  • Google Earth Hacks – Google Earth hacks forum – 75%
  • Blogger – Maintain a blog or several – 100%
    • On Blogger you can use other 3rd-party monetization services too.
  • Hub PagesPublish information on a topic you love to write about – 10%
  • Trend Hunter Report trends that you find –100?
  • You Say Too – Revenue Sharing Community – 50%

Domain/SEO/Advertising/webmaster sites

Answers to Questions

  • – Ask or answer questions for a share of Adsense ads based upon how much you take part on the site – Unknown%

Article Writing

  • She Told Me – Earn by writing content in selected categories – 100%
  • InfoBarrel – Writing about business, entertainment, health, plus many more – 75%
  • Wizzley – Writing about food, green living, internet marketing, education, plus many more – 60%
    • Other ways to earn includes Amazon, AllPosters, Zazzle, and Chitika
  • Experts Column – Articles on a variety of topics – unknown%
  • TriondPublish articles to network of websites, earn income through multiple channels – unknown%


  • IndiaStudyChannel – An Indian educational site with many topics – unknown%
    • IndiaStudyChannel has several other ways to earn, including Infolinks and Kontera.


Social Networking

  • Xomba – Make posts, share links with other Xomba users – 60%



  • Techulator – Technology topics as articles, reviews, forum posts – 90%

    • Other programs available to earn money.

Video and Photo


  • Weebly Build a website, add content of whatever you want100%


Google’s policy

Each AdSense publisher receives a percentage of the cost an advertiser pays for user clicks or impressions on their ad. This percentage is referred to as the revenue share. Google does not disclose the revenue share for AdSense.

To protect your Adsense Publisher ID you can now specify which sites are allowed to have your adsense code. If a site is not in that list and adsense ads are displayed there, then no earnings will come to you and any clickbombing or site violation in that site will not affect your account’s good standing.

If you are suspicious of a site’s standing with Google, do not give them your Adsense Publisher ID (pub-#########). However, if you look at the source code on any Adsense Publisher’s site, you can see the Adsense Publisher ID (it’s not a secret!)

If you already did, you can now block that URL from being included in your Adsense revenue within the Adsense Options menu.



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